Q. When is the next Monarch Workshop?
A. While there isn’t a date on the calendar yet, you can expect some new and amazing things sometime in 2018!

Q. What is Monarch?
A. Monarch is a workshop that promotes positive thinking, connection, self-reflection, and all around good vibes. It’s an experience where bad-ass creative women come together to connect and conquer. Our activities touch on our three key areas of creativity, wellness, and entrepreneurship. There is something for everyone and all are welcome. (That means YOU!)

 Q. How do I know if Monarch is for me?
A. Are you looking to connect with a creative community of like minded chicas to support you and your biz (whether you’re self-employed, working for someone else, have a side hustle, or are somewhere in between)? Would you like a safe place to talk about real sh*t? Do you need a guilt-free day to take care of yourself? Are you looking for an affirmation that you’re not the only one who doesn’t know wtf she’s doing?

If you answered “Hell yes!” to any of these questions, then we think Monarch is the place for you.

Q. How do I register for Monarch Workshop?
A. Simply go to the register page and do your thang!

Q. What should I wear/bring to Monarch?
A. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Seriously, we won’t judge. Yoga pants? Awesome! Neon green jumpsuit? More power to ya. We only suggest you wear something you can easily move around in, as some activities might get a little physical. 😉 (Don’t worry — nothing super strenuous!) As for what to bring, we definitely want you to pack light, but might suggest a small notebook/pen and some business cards for mingling. Lunch will be provided.

Q. Can I take pretty pictures at the workshop?
A. Of course! While there may be activities where we recommend unplugging to be fully present, we also know how much fun it is to look back at all the magic you experienced. We’d love to see Monarch through your eyes, so after the workshop we encourage you to share your photos with us!

Q. How can I stay in the loop?
A. Sign up for email updates HERE (we only send awesome emails with important updates.)

Q. How can I learn more?
A. Be sure to follow us on social media- we’re all about Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter.