Creativity, Wellness & Entrepreneurship

Monarch is a heart-centered workshop that promotes positive thinking, self-reflection, and all around good vibes.

Contributors and activities are sought out and cultivated with our balanced trifecta in mind, that is creativity, wellness, and entrepreneurship.

This workshop is designed for women to enjoy themselves, network, learn something new, and discover the means to living a more inspired life. Along the way, meaningful connections are cultivated and greater discoveries are made.

 There’s something for everyone and all are welcome.

Monarch is the brainchild of Confetti Queen Jessica of The Confetti Bar, and Madeline, Stylist and Designer, of Oh My Gemini.
They have designed this workshop with the ultimate goal of encouraging, inspiring and collaborating with other passionate women.

Monarch workshop is designed with women, or individuals who identify as women, in mind. ALL are welcome.


Madeline Rhodes
Oh My Gemini

Oh My Gemini is the brainchild and split personality of designer, writer, stylist, and maker of things, Madeline Rabidou. With a quirky and playful aesthetic, Madeline’s styling and creative direction have landed her in the arena of interior, set, party, wardrobe and prop design. Positivity, poodles, polka dots and pastries are at the core of her practice. Styling, staging and solopreneur-ing have always made her heart pump glitter, and today all of those things combined are what make up the essence of Oh My Gemini.


Jessica Huizenga
The Confetti Bar

Jessica is the magic and whimsy behind The Confetti Bar. Her mission in life is to spread happiness and confetti all around. Her confetti and crafts are made by hand with uber amounts of love and glitter, and have been featured across the board in both print and online media. She loves glitter and thinks drinks taste better through a straw. When she was little she had a green collection that included a green toilet brush. Smiles are her favorite.