Monarch Workshop
Fall 2015

At Monarch Fall 2015 we celebrated ourselves amidst a sea of confetti, laughter and some seriously fun bonding. Extraordinary people and kick-ass vibes flooded the air. From networking and good ole fashioned girl-talk to energizing contributors and mucho-needed crafty time, we all left feeling fired up and ready to conquer.
Contributors included Business Management Specialist Yasmine Bryant | Author, Retreat Leader and LifeSTYLE Design Coach Desha Peacock | Teacher of Metaphysics and Small Business owner Colleen Morgan | Branding Specialist and owner of The Bannerie Gilit Cooper | Coach, Health and Fitness Writer and Owner of Hurst Strength Erika Hurst | Professional Magic Maker Michelle Bablo | Yoga Instructor Katharine Marino of YogaKat Fitness | Attorney and Creative Business Owner Annette Stepanian | Rachel DeCavage of Cinder and Salt | Nutritionist Debra Wolf | Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom, and a Dream Team of movers and shakers that helped bring this event to life. From meditative yoga, a deeper understanding of Myers-Briggs, and designing on a budget, to understanding the vibration of food, branding with authenticity, and why strength is a must-have for every woman, the variety of inspiration was perfectly random enough to keep us on our toes and leave us feeling energized and curious. We took flight. We soared. We conquered.