Monarch Workshop
Spring 2016

At Monarch Spring 2016, joy, inspiration and laughter flooded the light-soaked Bananaland space as we got our workshop groove on. Lasting connections were made amidst a sea of glitter, and a safe, happy place was provided for women to celebrate themselves.  
Contributors included Yoga Kat Fitness | Comedian Stephanie Simbari | Biz Strategy Coach Cyndie Spiegel | Lawyer Genevieve Shingle Jaffe | The Lady Hustler Katie Corcoran | Sami Jo Jensen of Floraphothecarie | Improv Coach Jenny Drescher | Essential Oil Specialist Catherine Markey | Grateful Food Catering | DJ Michelle Spinei, and of course, a powerful group of women that brought the workshop to life.

From meditative yoga, essential oils, and laughing our pants off to getting the DL on that 401K, improvising our hearts out and making natural body scrubs, the weekend had so much to offer that we never wanted it to end! We took flight. We soared. We conquered.